Meals on Wheels of New Canaan, Inc. is dedicated to providing nutritious meals to residents of New Canaan whose physical, emotional, mental, medical or social condition makes it difficult to provide these meals for themselves. Meals are delivered to clients homes between 11:00am and 12:30pm Monday-Friday by volunteers from the community. Meals on Wheels is in great need of volunteers at the moment, having been affected by COVID like everything else. If you can help now and then or would like to join newly reforming teams that serve once a week, please contact Ann Gervase, or Marianna Kilbride,

Meals on Wheels’ mission is to ensure that every potential client identified by the Town of New Canaan or the Southwestern Connecticut Commission on Aging, or referred to them by family, friends, medical personnel or church group will receive services for as long as circumstances warrant. Clients without the necessary resources are provided meals without charge, helping to maintain their health and independence while remaining at home with ties to their community unbroken.