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How to Give

  1. As you consider your pledge, we ask you to reflect on the following:
    All that we are and have comes from God, and God promises us that His divine provision will prove more than sufficient.
  2. We believe that with God, all things are possible. Inspired by that promise, we are able to fulfill God’s plan by giving of our time, our talents, and our treasure.
  3. Full engagement in this faith community includes a joyous sharing of our material resources.
  4. The Congregational Church of New Canaan provides support to the congregation, the surrounding community, and our shared community in the world.
  5. Knowing your intentions for annual giving allows us to better plan for much-needed programs and services that allow us to form Christians and build community – not just on
    our hill but for and with our brothers and sisters in the larger community.
  6. The greatest single source of financial support comes from pledges

Why Do We Pledge?

Your financial gift to the church can be seen as an obligation or simply a contribution to offset the church’s expenses. On the other hand, pledging a percent of one’s income can be the means by which we express gratitude for all God provides, grow in our faith, and give a prominent place in our lives.

On a practical level, we are a congregation of more than 1,300 people who come together to worship, to educate our children and ourselves, to support one another, and to reach out to serve those in need in our world. All of this ministry requires financial planning. A pledge is an annual commitment that allows us to plan for a year of ministry

The Sunday Offerings: Missions and Outreach

With the recommendation of the MSA and church leadership, we are happy distribute the Sunday plate offering to some of our local benevolences in need. Recently funds have been sent to The Open-Door Shelter, The Maasai mission, and Filling in the Blanks.

Becoming Mission Sponsor: Supporting the Youth Mission Trips

Our high school youth group YG, Quest, and MSYG each go on a mission trip annually. In addition to the cost each student pays; family members, church members, and other angels help support and underwrite these trips with generous donations. The donations provide scholarships for those in need, help fund the mission projects, and make the logistics and transportation safe and affordable for all. Our mission trips remain the greatest highlight of the year – every single year!  Thank you to all for making each trip possible.

For More Information

Call the Church Office
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