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Boards, Committees, & Ministry Teams

The Congregational Church of New Canaan is entirely self-governed. Church Officers, Deacons, Trustees and members of Standing Committees are elected by the congregation at our Annual Meeting each March.

Church Officers

Clerk: Lisa Platt – 2023
Treasurer: Danita Ostling – 2023
Assistant Treasurer: Dirk Dunlap – 2023
General Counsel: Sally Hagerty – 2023

Board of Deacons

A twelve-member Board of Deacons, together with the Senior Minister, leads the spiritual life of the church.

The current Deacons are:
Class of 2023: Hoyt Davidson (Chair), David Haddad, Twee Haffner, Martha Palmer, and Nancy Upton
Class of 2024: Sara Bakker, Steve Case, Susanna Nichols, Doug Simpson
Class of 2025: Dionna Carlson, Kirk Carr, Tammie Garner, Mike Rodgers

Board of Trustees

Business affairs are managed by a twelve-member Board of Trustees.

The current Trustees are:
Class of 2023: Stephanie Radman, Rick Selvala, Julie Tedford, and Eileen Thomas
Class of 2024: John Stichter, Steve Busby, Chris Baker, Anne Worcester
Class of 2025: Stephanie Douglas-Parkin, Colin Smith, Michael Sortirhos, Linda Williams

Other Committees and Ministry Teams

Standing Committees include: Nominating and Governance, Leadership, Investment, Personnel, and Missions and Social Action.

Nominating and Governance Committee Members

Class of 2023: Paul Foley, Barb Clayton*
Class of 2024: Rob Mallozzi, Tia Whinery

Leadership Committee Members

Senior Minister: Rev. Stephen Chapin Garner
Trustees: Chris Baker
Deacons: Hoyt Davidson
Nominating & Governance: Barb Clayton
Personnel: Diane Bailey
Director of Operation: Caroline Leather

Investment Committee

Class of 2023: John Sheffield
Class of 2024: John Fusek (Chair), Rick Selvala
Class of 2025: Derrek Metz

Personnel Committee Members

Class of 2023: Chris Baker 
Class of 2024: Diane Bailey (Chair)
Class of 2025: Jeff Altman

Missions and Social Action Committee Members

Class of 2023: Susan Garofoli, Tom Robey, Larry Serven
Class of 2024: Janis Hennessy, Laura Herman, Frank Lyon
Class of 2025: Kathleen Abbott, Maria Hemmings

Ministry Teams and other Small Groups

Ministry Teams, made up of Church member volunteers, support our ministers and program staff as needed. Members are encouraged to seek out and join the team or teams that are most relevant to them and their own spiritual journey. They may move in and out of teams as their time and interests dictate. Click here to view a list of our ministry teams; choose “serve” under “group type” and click Search.

Ministry Teams and other Small Groups

Buildings & Grounds, Caroline Leather
Card Ministry, Stephanie Radman
Children & Family Ministries, Rev. Kibbie Laird
Children’s Music and Drama, Jody Davis
Christian Formation Fellowship (Adult – Men’s and Women’s), Laurel Carr
Flower Ministry Team, Juliet Howe
Maasai, Marianna Kilbride
Men’s Small Groups, Steve Case
Middle School Ministries, Erik Burns
Missions & Outreach Steering Team (MOST), Marianna Kilbride
Music, Jody Davis
Pastoral Care Leadership Team, Rev. Kibbie Laird
Pastoral Ministries, Rev. Kibbie Laird
Prayer Chain, BJ Flagg
Prayer Shawl Ministry, Twee Haffner 
Stephen Ministries, Beth Baker
Welcoming/New Members, Courtney Flynn
Women’s Fellowship, Lesley Cousley
Women’s Small Groups, Marianna Kilbride
Youth Group, Kelly Antonson

Interested in Joining a Team?

To learn more about our various ministry teams, please contact Laurel Carr  or feel free to call the Church Office at (203) 966-2651.

Stewardship Season is Underway