Lenten Musical Moments

Lenten Musical Moments

Click here on Wednesday, April 1 at noon for Lenten Musical Moments with our Director of Music Ministries, Jo Deen Blaine Davis.


Variations on “Holy Manna” (Brethren, We Have Met to Worship)
arr. Raymond H. Haan

Pater Noster (Our Father), Op. 50, No. 2
Arthur Foote

Meditation, Op. 50, No. 1
Arthur Foote

Prelude on “Brother James’ Air”
Searle Wright

Meditation on “If You Will Only Let God Guide You”
arr. Mary Ellen Kerrick

Meditation on “O Master, Let Me Walk with Thee”
arr. Alice Jordan

Amazing Grace
arr. Dale Wood

Rubrics, “Silence may be kept.”
Dan Locklair

Quatre Pieces Pour Orgue, “Choral,” Op. 37, No. 4
Joseph Jongen