Looking at Privilege: A discussion with Debby Irving, author of Waking Up White

Time and Place: In order to accommodate as many members of the community as possible, New Canaan Interfaith Council and New Canaan Library are working together to deliver the same presentation by Debby Irving twice on April 5. The first lecture will take place from 3:45-5:30pm at United Methodist Church at 165 South Ave., New Canaan. The second lecture will take place from 6:00-7:30pm at New Canaan Library at 151 Main St. New Canaan, CT.

3:45-5:30pm talk at United Methodist Church, 165 South Ave., New Canaan – Registration not required

6:00-7:30pm talk at New Canaan Library, 151 Main St., New Canaan – Register at www.newcanaanlibrary.org/calendar

Description: Author Debby Irving discusses her personal journey confronting the issue of white privilege in this illuminating talk about one individual’s experience coming to terms with the topic of race. Attendees will be encouraged to share their own experiences with bias, stereotypes, and tolerance in a guided interactive session led by Debby. Presented in partnership with the New Canaan Interfaith Council.

After working as an organizer and teacher for 25 years, Debby became aware of how the world around us is shaped by race and it led her to tackle the issue of racial justice and tolerance. In “Waking Up White”, Debby shares her struggle to understand racism, unpacking her beliefs about colorblindness and being a good person. She now studies racism and works to undo its harmful effects by helping to educate other white people who may be confused and frustrated by racism, as she once was.