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Gotta Get Some Goats – Maasai 2024 Campaign

Gotta Get Some Goats - Maasai 2024 Campaign

This month we honor our African brothers and sisters in Kenya. Our Church has supported the Maasai through our partner, the Simba Maasai Outreach Organization (SIMOO), for many years. We have provided funding to install solar panels for community wells, and last year, we gave funds that allowed the women of the tribe to tend beehives. 
As the Maasai move forward from a catastrophic years-long drought, they are slowly acquiring livestock to care for. This year, our SIMOO partners have requested funds ($22,000) to purchase 400 goats for over 200 families in the tribe. These goats will be tended by the women of the tribe as they identify new income sources. Prior to the drought, the Maasai women sold cow’s milk and beads to earn money to support their families. The drought wiped out the cattle population. As the men slowly begin to herd again, there is an immediate need for women’s economic opportunities. Goat keeping is a sustainable livelihood that will provide women with goat’s milk to sell in the Kenyan market; goat milk sells twice the price of cow’s milk. The women who will benefit from the goats this year are primarily widows and single mothers. Each woman will be given two goats to tend. 
We ask that you support our Maasai partners in purchasing goats to further economic development. Each goat costs $55, and with your help, we will quickly reach our goal of purchasing 400 goats! Please stop by the Maasai table on Sundays during Fellowship time to learn more and participate.

Contact Lindsay Tucker at with questions.