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Summer Service Opportunity with Recovery Community Development

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Join Leigh Engen this summer to help RCD renovate sober living houses in Bridgeport. The work includes a variety of construction tasks and can be coordinated to suit your schedule and skill level. To learn more or to schedule a time, please contact Leigh Engen at

Recovery Community Development (RCD) seeks to equip those in need with the economic and life skills necessary to become more productive members of Bridgeport and Norwalk, Connecticut communities. Recovery CD will accomplish this mandate by offering supportive housing, social services, and job training programs.

The opposite of addiction is not sobriety; it’s connection. The often parallel work of 12-step recovery programs and formalized addiction treatment programs after the initial experience of detox involves connecting the addict to other people. And not just any people, either. We’re talking about safe, supportive, reliable, empathetic people.