We are sharing this guide to a Sunday Sabbath Dinner to enjoy with your family:

Make Dinner Together, Set Table, & Listen to a Christian Playlist

Here is a great place to find contemporary Christian Music!

Sit Down for Dinner

Once everyone is seated, and before anyone has eaten, light a candle for everyone around the table as each participant says something they are thankful to God for over the past week.
“I am thankful to God for…”

Once all candles are lit, take hands and offer a prayer for the meal including the thanksgivings that have been offered.

Enjoy the meal together.

As the meal winds down, before dessert, either read or re-tell the Bible story for the day. Ask as many questions from the study guide as seems manageable for the evening.

Before anyone leaves the table, have each participant say again what they are thankful to God for and have them blow out their candle.

Take hands and recite the Lord’s Prayer together.