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myConnect offers a place for you to easily share deeper community with your friends at The Congregational Church. It will help simplify how you communicate, connect, and engage with others. Like Facebook, it offers an online place to connect and communicate about life’s ups and downs. Unlike Facebook, it’s a Congregational Church community, not a global community, and it’s secure.

In fact, it’s a lot of small groups – like the biblical community you’re sharing life with, the classes where you’re learning and growing together, and the volunteer teams you serve on. It’s a place to share resources, find volunteer opportunities, meet needs, check out upcoming church events, register for classes, see your personalized church calendar, track your giving, and more. Through myConnect, you can customize your privacy settings and communications preferences. Want to receive information via email, text, or twitter? Prefer to receive no communications at all? You choose! It’s easier than you think to become part of The Congregational Church of New Canaan’s new online community. Log in today and join us!

Easy to connect

If you forgot the last name of someone you’ve just met, or if you want to remember the names of the people in your Bible study, choir, or volunteer team, it’s easy! Just log in to myConnect, and search for your friend by first name and photo, match faces to names in your group, look up a phone number, or send someone an email.

Easy to share

Ever wish that the community you enjoy wasn’t confined to one day of the week? myConnect makes it easy to stay in touch with your closest friends, share how God is at work, and request prayer in times of need. If you want to share heartfelt interaction with your group (without broadcasting to your entire friends’ list on Facebook), myConnect is the safe, private, and simple
way to do just that.

Easy to Give

myConnect allows you to contribute directly through one-time online giving and automated giving on a recurring basis. Also, it’s a place where you can see a record of all your giving and pledge fulfillment. There’s no need to wait for the year-end statement to file your tax return. Once you log in, it’s simple to give, view your giving, and print out any statements you need for the time period you select. Fast. Secure. Intuitive.

Step 1 • Login

  • Go to or visit and click on“myConnect@God’s Acre” Login
  • Fill in your Username and Password in the appropriate fields and click “Login.”
  • Have you forgotten or misplaced your login info? Click on the “Forgot Password?” link; follow the instructions and they will be emailed to you again. Don’t have an account yet? Click on “Sign Up” and follow the instructions. Make sure to bookmark the sign-in page in your browser. This will make it so you have access to your login page with the click of a button.

If you have received a “New Login Created” email, just click on your username and it will bring you to a login page. Use the mobile link if you’re using a smartphone.

Step 2 • Familiarize Yourself with the Homepage

  • Login will take you to your personal home page, or information about you!
  • Tabs along the top give you access to messages from groups, forms, and calendar options available to you. Along the left are the ways to learn more about groups, search for people, find places to serve, set up your online giving, and more.
  • Options along the top right hand corner provide easy access to notifications, your calendar, your personal profile, settings and help (the gear icon), and logout.
  • Upcoming events hosted by groups you belong to are also shown on this page.
  • Click on the HOME tab to come back to this page at anytime.

Step 3 • Edit Your Personal Info & Contact Info

  • GO TO [Your Name] (top right) > Edit Profile
  • Remember to click “Save” after you have updated all tabs!
    • a) Update your name
      Under the Basic tab, enter your first name as the name you are commonly known by. Click “More name fields…” and enter your legal name, middle name, etc.
    • b) Upload your photo and enter other personal info
      Please provide a head and neck portrait of yourself, rather than, an image of your pet, garden, etc. Picture files must be in .jpg format. Photos are helpful as we endeavor to associate names and faces. Update your gender, date of birth, anniversary, etc.
    • c) Update your contact information
      Enter your email, contact phone, mobile carrier (see Step 5), etc. Click “More contact fields…” to provide emergency contact phone, your web  address, and more.
    • d) Continue updating your personal profile
      Scroll up to click on the Address tab and provide your address. Continue to update by clicking on each tab (My Fit, Social, etc.)
      and provide your information.

NOTE: For a complete profile, be sure to include: name, legal name, photo, gender, date of birth, contact email, contact phone, and address. Completing My Fit will automatically match your gifts, passions, and abilities to volunteer opportunities.

Step 4 • Edit Your Privacy Settings

  • GO TO [Your Name] > Privacy Profile
    We value your privacy and handle your personal information with the utmost care. Within Privacy Settings it’s easy to choose the information you want to share and who you want to share it with.

NOTE: Everybody – fields with this setting are viewed by anyone with a login.
Please review your default privacy settings and edit to match your personal preferences. Remember to click save.

Step 5 • Edit Your Communication Settings

  • GO TO [Your Name] > Communication Settings
    You have the option to choose how people in your groups communicate with you.
  • Choose to receive information via email, text messages, a weekly summary of group activity (we do not recommend selecting this setting), and more.
  • You can select different settings for each group that you are involved in, and you can change your communication settings at any time.

NOTE: We must have your mobile carrier (update in your profile) to be able to send texts. You can opt out of receiving texts at any time.

Step 6 • Join a Group

  • GO TO the “Groups” option on the left
  • A group can be a ministry team, Bible Study class, choir, youth group, volunteer team, etc.
  • Want to join a group?
    • a) If you know the name of the group you are looking for, type in the name.
    • b) Click “Advanced Search” to search for groups you can join.

NOTE: Parents do not need to join their children’s groups.
You can join any group that is open to all.
Some groups accept new members by request, usually to allow for private messaging within the group. In this case, click the “Request to Join” link from the group’s home page.

Step 7 • Select Friends

  • GO TO the “People” option on the left
  • Friends have access to the information that you’ve made available via the privacy settings by selecting “Friends & My Groups Members” or “Friends Only”
    • a) Type in the name of a friend.
    • b) Under actions, click “Add to my friends list”

Step 8 • Give Online, Set Up a Recurring Gift, or View Your Giving and Pledge Statements

  • GO TO the “Give” option on the left
  • Please consider offsetting credit card processing fees by including a 3% increase on your payment or gift.
  • Make a One-Time Gift
    Choose the “Give” tab. Select the “One-time gift” option. Choose the account your gift should be applied to, indicate how much you would like to give, then click “continue”. Select whether you would like your gift come from your checking account or from a debit or credit card and fill out the needed information to complete your online gift.
  • Set Up a Recurring Gift
    Choose the “Give” tab. Select the “Repeating gift” option. Choose the account your gift should be applied to, the amount each installment should be, how often the amount should be given, start date, and end date. Click “Continue” and fill out the required information to complete the setup of the recurring gift.
  • View Your Giving History and Statement or Pledge History and Statement
    Choose the “Schedules/History” tab for Giving History, or “Pledges” tab for Pledge History. To view or print your own Statements, click the button on the right on either tab. Select whether you’d like a statement for your family or yourself, and for which time period you’d like the statement. For Pledge Statements, you will also need to select the account to which you pledged. Then click “Run Report”. A PDF file will appear which you can save or print.

We hope these steps have been helpful as you begin exploring myConnect. Please feel free to discover more on your own and check out the Help menu by clicking the Gear icon at the top right side of the web page. Enjoy!