Maasai Pipeline Lifeline - Mission Accomplished



Dear Friends,

The Maasai Ministry Team is overwhelmed by your generosity in the swift funding of the Maasai Pipeline Lifeline. Thank you! You supported life, education, health, and wellbeing for 1400 people in a land nearly 9000 miles away, and they are enormously grateful. In the words of Francis Sakuda, our longtime Maasai friend, “We cannot thank the church more for the love of our people and the love of God, but we always pray for all of you that God will always shower you with His Grace and Blessings.” Know when you go to bed each night you are prayed for from across the ocean.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

The Maasai Ministry Team, Diana Beecher, Lyn Bond, Laurel Carr, Maria Hemmings, Marianna Kilbride, Caroline Leather, Connie McManus, Carolyn Mulry, Beth Picard, and Debbie Shew



In 2003 we began to talk to Francis Sakuda about the prospect of a long-term partnership with his village of Olosho-oibor (White Plains) in Kenya, west of the Ngong Hills. Our very first project was a water pipeline that brought clean and safe water to the community, improving health and hygiene. Among the other benefits, a primary goal was to allow girls to go to school rather than staying home to watch their siblings while mothers trekked for miles for water.

This Year’s Project

Still in 2020, there are communities with no access to clean water. Our project this year is to fund a second pipeline to such a village, Embarbal oosidan , targeting two hundred households with clean and safe water. This will increase overall health and well-being, not least by reducing waterborne disease and allowing girls to go to school uninterrupted.

Our Goal

Sixteen years ago we walked as a congregation to Meade Park carrying buckets of water in a nod to the Maasai women who walk miles each day to fetch their families’ water. We ask you to walk with us virtually now in support of our Maasai friends and the good work they continue to expand in one of God’s communities. Please help us to raise $ 9,000.00 to build the second pipeline, lifeline really, in this church’s history.


Click the image below to download your copy of the Chore Chart.

Maasai Lifeline Pipeline Chore Chart