Jesus tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves. What does that look like amid the COVID-19 outbreak? Here is how we, as a church community, are helping.

First, we are heeding the town-wide efforts: staying at home and strictly limiting the amount of out of the house time, particularly anyone over 60 or with underlying conditions. This reduces the numbers who get sick, the spread of the virus, and the strain on our emergency volunteers, our healthcare workers and facilities, and will get us back to something like normal sooner.

Second, our younger and healthy congregants are helping out church families or members who may need an errand in the upcoming weeks, a grocery or pharmacy shop, following safety protocols.

Third, we are still connecting. We can’t be physically together, but by helping each other through this challenge, whether a senior with more of life experience is reassuring someone younger, or the young and healthy shopping for those who can’t get out, these instances bring us together. They teach us how to love each other, our neighbors.

Thank you to all who have been supporting the effort to keep our community healthy, both physically and mentally. We have a great team of volunteers in place serving those in need, and as of right now, we are keeping up with the demand, but if future needs arise, we will be posting them here.