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Growing the Garden Maasai 2022 Project

Growing the Garden: Maasai 2022 Project

There seem to be so many intractable problems in every corner of the globe in these difficult times. We often don’t know how we could make a difference or where to start. Our friends, the Maasai, have struggled through a persistent drought this year. Their crops failed, and many of their livestock died. On your behalf, MSA sent emergency funds on two occasions totaling $5,575. And thankfully, modest rains have returned in recent months, but their water supply and, therefore, their food supply remain precarious. Our partners have asked if we could help with two more water-related projects this year.

The first project is a pipeline to the village of Enkusero Sampu from their existing well; this is similar to several very successful pipeline projects we funded in the past. For the second project, they want to install a drip irrigation system in a two-acre vegetable garden to use their precious water better and improve the security of their food supply. The $12,600 cost of the two projects is modest by our standards, but it will significantly impact their quality of life.

To participate use the button below and select “Maasai Donation” as the gift designation or contact Marianne Kilbride, or Tom Robey,