Read: Philippians 4:8–14

I can do all things through him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

There is something about life in Jesus—living our lives in accordance with Jesus’ commands—that gives us strength. When Jesus is our guide, his example, his faith, and his ability to endure can encourage us on our way. That is the power of witness. One life lived courageously can inspire another life to do the same. However, Jesus wasn’t and isn’t merely a witness, he is a presence. Paul knew Jesus as a resurrected Lord. This meant Jesus was available for relationship and ready to offer support. For Paul, there was no need that Jesus could not supply, and there was no pit so deep and dark that was beyond Jesus’ grasp. Paul’s strength was impressive—he was a blazing and passionate human being. But Paul knew his strength was not his own. On his own, Paul would have been nothing more than a limited, scared, and failed person. With Jesus . . . Well . . . all things were suddenly possible!

Can Jesus strengthen you?

Lord, I cant imagine feeling strong on my own—when I attempt to give off that impression to others, I worry it looks as false as it feels. I want Your life to fill my life. I want Your example to be my example. I want Your will to be my way. There is so little I can do on my own . . . I long to be able to do all things through You! In Your name, I pray. AMEN.