Read: Acts 9:23–25

The Jews plotted to kill him, but their plot became known to Saul. . . . His disciples took him by night and let him down through an opening in a wall, lowering him in a basket. Acts 9:23 & 25

Earlier in the story of Acts we found out that God would use Saul for mighty purposes, but Saul would also suffer as a result of his new calling. It wasn’t long before the people Saul had once stood beside in condemnation of Jesus’ followers began taking aim at him. The Jews waited by the gates of Damascus to seize Saul, but God provided Saul a way out. The plot was made known, a breach in the city wall was identified, and friends lowered Saul to safety in a basket in a daring escape.

When we are cornered in life, when powerful forces are arrayed against us, when all hope seems to be lost, that is when God seems to find a way out for us. It is as if God waits for the very moment when we say “Only God can save me now” to do just that.

Do you have a “lowered in a basket” story of God’s saving grace in your life?

Lord, there have been times when I have been absolutely convinced that You saved me. You swept me out of harms way and safely delivered me to another day. I remember promising You I would never forget. But I did. I became silent about the miracles You have bestowed on my life, and in time I not only stopped thinking about them but I also lost the ability to trust in them. Thank You for the many times You have saved me. Help me to remember and trust in Your ability to deliver me, even when all hope appears lost. In Your name, I pray. AMEN.