Read: Psalm 6

O Lord, do not rebuke me in Your anger, or discipline me in Your wrath. Psalm 6:1

The hard truth is that each and every one of us deserves punishment. We don’t like to think it, speak it, or confess it in any way, shape, or form, but we are depraved sinners who deserve divine rebuke. We have failed to love both God and neighbor. In fact, we have done far worse than merely withhold love from those who need it. We can be hostile, hateful, and utterly hard-hearted. We more than deserve the lumps we get in life.

It is because we know we have done wrong that we cry to God for mercy. There is a lingering hope buried deep in our spirit that prompts us to believe that God might relent. We plead for God’s mercy, peace, and presence knowing we don’t deserve it, but praying we receive it all the same. Thankfully, God’s love runs deeper than ours, God’s compassion has no limits, and God’s willingness to forgive eclipses our ability to sin. We plead, and we discover in our petitioning that truly nothing can separate us from the love we have found in Christ Jesus. God hears our weeping. God responds to our cry. God forgives us when we repent.

What is the pleading of your heart today?

 Lord, Your silence may be an indication that You are listening, which would mean that my rantings and ravings are all known to You. You know my guilt. You know my sin. You have heard how I cry out for Your presence and mercy, though I have done nothing to deserve it. Forgive me, Lord. Draw me up from the pit. Set me on level ground. Allow me yet another chance to try to walk in Your way. In Jesus’ name, I pray. AMEN.