Read: Matthew 20:1–16

Am I not allowed to do what I choose with what belongs to me? Or are you envious because I am generous? Matthew 20:15

The laborers did not understand their employer’s motives, and they became disgruntled. They got the compensation they had agreed to, but after working all day long, they were displeased that those who worked only an hour received the exact same paycheck. How was that fair? How can the last to be chosen receive as much as the first to get to work?

It is the great complaint of teenagers and perhaps people of every age when preferential treatment appears to be given to others, “Its not fair!” While we do not object to being privileged ourselves, we find it intensely objectionable when the balances seem to be titled in favor of others. But do we really want God to be fair with us? Fair means that we get exactly what we deserve. Do we really want God to give us what we deserve, or do we prefer God to be generous with us? In truth, fair is not all that great a deal. In the end, it is not our choice. God has chosen to give all of us better than we deserve. God is not fair, God is far better than that…our God is generous. We should be too.

Which do you prefer – fairness or generosity?

Lord, I should just be grateful. Every day I should count my blessings and realize You have given me more than I need. When I see Your favor poured out abundantly on the lives of others, I shouldn’t grumble—I should celebrate! You are so good to us all. Thank You. Your goodness inspires me to try to live by Your example—which is yet another gift to be thankful for! In Jesus’ name, I pray. AMEN.