Read: John 20:11–18

Mary turned around and saw Jesus standing there, but she did not know that it was Jesus. John 20:14b & c

We are in the hunt to know and understand how the world was created. We want to know upon what foundation the world is built. We want to know how the world works and how it runs. We look deep into the created order—into the cosmic and subatomic universe. We look into a world of neutrinos that move faster than light and unwitnessed matter that we call “dark.” We desperately want to unravel the mystery of life in this world, never fully wanting to consider that the mystery has already been revealed to us.

The veil of mystery momentarily parted when Mary encountered—or was encountered by—Jesus at the tomb on Easter morning. Mary didn’t recognize all that had taken place at first. She thought Jesus was the gardener, and she thought a body had gone missing, because up until that point she had no evidence on which to base a belief in the resurrection of the dead. However, the veil of this life was parted for a moment in time, and what was revealed was eternity—eternal love, eternal life, and eternal relationships.

Are you comfortable with mystery?

Dear Lord, I want to believe in You. I want to believe that life and love and relationships are eternal. I want to believe that when I come to my end, life is just beginning for me. But I dont really know. And I want to know. We all want to know. We dont like mysteries where our lives and our future hang in the balance. However, mystery is what You offer us. You offer us a glimpse of a gardener, who underneath it all, turns out to be a Savior. In Your name, I pray. AMEN.