We are excited to launch book groups for both YG/Quest & MSYG this week!

Our youth expressed an interest in doing something with their church family that didn’t completely involve screen time and could take their minds off of everything else going on in the world right now. After a few weeks of research and reading we have decided that that YG/Quest will read Just Mercy written by Bryan Stevenson and MSYG will explore The Alchemist written by Paulo Coelho.

Just Mercy is a worthwhile read for all young adults and adults alike. This incredible true story, provides us an opportunity to think about the role we have as Christians in advocating for justice. Starting Wednesday, April 22nd the book group will meet for discussion over zoom during the first half hour 7:00-7:30pm of Quest on Wednesdays for the foreseeable future. All high school youth are welcome to join. Once we’ve finished the book we will have a virtual viewing party of the movie adaptation that was recently released! The church has a few additional copies that we’ve purchased on hand from Elm Street books for $11.00 each and can arrange a pick-up of the book for your child.

MSYG will follow the story of a young shepherd, Santiago on his way to finding his dreams. On his journey he learns to follow his heart and navigate unexpected challenges along the way. We think this story will give our middle school students the opportunity to think about how our faith can guide us when our life may be chaotic or without direction. MSYG book group will meet a half hour before MSYG on Sunday from 3:30-4:00pm. We also have copies of The Alchemist available should you wish to purchase one for your middle schooler.

Should you have any questions about how to participate please reach out to Kelly (leather@godsacredev.wpengine.com) or Erik (burns@godsacredev.wpengine.com).

We look forward to reading and learning together!