A House United Weekend: Busting Polarization One Habit at a Time

May 19-20 on God’s Acre

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In a society and culture divided by political tribalism and incivility, we Christians seem like the least likely saviors. We have over 30,000 Christian denominations and our rap sheet includes the inquisitions, the deadly religious wars of modern Europe, and a very public bad habit of shooting at our own troops. In our American political realm, Fundamentalists and Liberals seem to push the aisle between right and left wider, rather than crossing or bridging it.

The Rev. Dr. Allen Hilton

What if God changed the church? Jesus commanded his disciples to “love one another as I’ve loved you” and prayed, “That they all may be one.” (John 13.34-35 and 17.20-21) While those hopes may seem futile in polarized America, our God “makes all things new” and for God “nothing is impossible.” Join the Rev. Allen R. Hilton, Ph.D., along with the clergy and lay leaders of CCNC, as we imagine living into Jesus’ brilliant call to partner with God in healing our land.

We’ll learn Christian practices that help us change our habits:

  • Courageous Conversations bring our political differences into a civil public forum on issues that divide Americans. We learn to listen well to one another and build something better than either side could have accomplished alone. St. Francis prayed, “not so much to be understood as to understand.” That will be our goal.
  • Christian Mingle is a remedy to our political echo chambers. When we collaborate and build community with our political or theological opposites, they stop being “those guys” and start being who they are: our brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Mission 4.0 moves these newly-cultivated practices into our neighborhoods, cities, and nation. Imagine New Canaan’s Board of Selectmen, stymied by conflict and incivility, reflecting, “We don’t know what else they do in that church, but they seem to know how to talk to one another. Maybe they can help us!”

The mini-retreat will be held on Saturday, May 19 from 8:30am – 12:30pm in the Parlor, lunch will follow in Smith Hall. Please reserve your space by signing up here and bring $10 to cover the cost of lunch. Allen will preach at both services on Sunday, May 20 and will hold a Courageous Conversation session from 11:15 – 12:15pm in the Parlor. Both events are open to the public, so please bring a friend!

Christian unity is built to change the world. Join us and learn how we can partner with God and one another to build a House United in New Canaan!